Angela Opatz

Angela Opatz

Angela Opatz

Angela Opatz is a Copywriter and Business Development executive for Admirise GmbH.


  • German high school diploma and several years of studies at international and national universities in the fields of Business and Psychology
  • Independent studies in Business development, as well as SEO/ Copywriting


  • Multiple years of experience as an onsite manager, improving communication and consultancy skills and leadership with integrity and cooperation.
  • Nearly one year experience as a copywriter, specializing in creating persuasive and engaging content that resonates with the audience, dedicated to delivering high-quality work that drives results
  • 6 months experience as a Business Development executive interacting with potential clients and business partners, strategizing ways to increase revenue


  • Strong writing and speaking skills in German and English
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Always dedicated to learning new things and growing with the team.