Effective Social Media Use in E-commerce Businesses

Effective Social Media Use in E-commerce Businesses

May 1, 2023 in Social Media by Mary Aslan

Social media has become an indispensable tool for all businesses, including e-commerce. The use of social media platforms by millions of people every day has enabled e-commerce businesses to reach a wider audience, create brand awareness, and increase sales.

However, to effectively use social media to promote your e-commerce business, you need solid strategies considering your target audience, the content you publish, and the available advertising options. Determining, managing, and implementing these strategies is like climbing a ladder. It requires a step-by-step and careful approach.

Today, many businesses are growing their presence and running advertising campaigns on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn to market their products and services and build brand awareness. Users can search for their needs, desires, interests, or anything they want to learn on search engines and easily find the desired results.

While users have much control over the web, things work differently on social media. Even if any users are not following e-commerce businesses, these businesses can still promote their products and services through ads as users are browsing social media platforms. In this way, they can easily send the message "We are here and ready to meet your needs!" to users.

According to research, there is an old saying: For a person to trust a product, business, or platform, they need to see or hear about it an average of 6 times in different channels. So when users repeatedly encounter ads for the same product or business while surfing through pages at different times, their subconscious develops trust towards that product or business. Such a repetitive appearance means an incredible advantage and market power for businesses!

While every company uses some methods to increase its sales on social media, there are primary factors that one needs to consider in both communication channels and advertising campaigns. In this article titled "Effective Social Media Usage for E-commerce Businesses," we will share invaluable information about the factors you need to pay attention to when marketing on social media. Additionally, we will talk about marketing methods that will help you increase your sales on social media.

Methods of Marketing on Social Media

Brands looking for tips on using social media for e-commerce sites need to develop their marketing strategies professionally. While developing their marketing strategy, businesses should consider:

  • Target Audience Analysis,
  • Competitive Analysis,
  • Quality of Sharing,
  • Description of the Posts,
  • Hashtags,

should act by analyzing their processes. Let's take a more detailed look at these important methods and elements of social media marketing for e-commerce sites.

1. Target Audience Identification

The first step in identifying the target audience is defining it. Determining the target audience's characteristics, such as age, gender, geographic location, interests, behaviors, and demographic features, is essential. In other words, we can say that drawing a picture of the customer with words is necessary. A company should work in that field to whom they want to sell their product or service. Otherwise, high cost and time loss may occur.

On the other hand, interacting with the target audience and listening to their feedback is essential for a brand to address the target audience better. According to this feedback, the brand can approach the target audience more appropriately and increase interaction.

Finally, monitoring and measuring the strategy is also essential. The social media strategy created in accordance with the identified target audience should be tracked and measured, and the results must be analyzed. This helps the brand change its strategies to reach the target audience better when necessary.

2. Competitor Analysis

Performing a competitor analysis provides a competitive advantage for a business. Understanding what and how competitors are doing what they are doing is important for a business to develop its own marketing strategies and gain an advantage over its competitors.

Competitor analysis can help a business differentiate itself from competitors offering similar products or services. Additionally, analyzing competitors' social media marketing strategies can assist businesses in developing similar or better strategies for themselves, providing opportunities to attract more customers, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.

Competitor analysis can also assist a business in monitoring its own social media performance. Businesses can modify or improve their social media strategies based on competitors' social media performance.

Analyzing competitors' social media strategies can help businesses discover new ways to reach their target audience. Understanding which platforms competitors are getting more engagement on, which types of content perform better, and which target audience they focus on can help businesses optimize their strategies.

3. Quality of Posts

Today, thousands of visual or audio shares are made on social media platforms every second. For businesses to be noticed in such a broad sharing wave, they need to make their visuals or videos extremely interesting and of high quality. Otherwise, it can fail without anyone's attention or appreciation.

Adding visuals to shares can make the content more attractive. However, the quality and suitability of visuals are also very important. Care should be taken to ensure that visuals are clear, engaging, striking, and high-quality, as well as to select a visual that is relevant to the shares and supports the content.

So, 'Should video or photos be shared?' According to the 2023 Instagram Report, "Videos are still the most attractive content type. It is not surprising to see the trend continuing. There are an average of 800 more likes in the Asia-Pacific region compared to the global. It's not very surprising. Video posts receive three times more interaction than a single image. They are also more attention-grabbing than rotating posts.

It is essential to know that users are satisfied with video-style content. However, we know that Instagram is heavily focused on promoting video content. Especially with the Reels section, they can achieve this goal. It is also necessary to note that video-style content follows rotating posts regarding interaction.

All these data guide marketers. The more dynamic your content is, the better for you. Users spend time watching videos or looking at rotating posts. In this way, they can establish an emotional connection with the account that shares the content.

Interactions Type of Content - Admirise

Average Amount of Likes, Contet Type - Admirise

4. Captions for Posts

According to global data, either too short or too long captions tend to get more engagement. You should aim for captions of less than 20 or more than 2,000 characters. In Asia-Pacific, posts with captions between 100 and 1,000 characters perform better. Other regions tend to follow the global trend.

In 2022, posts with short captions continued to perform well, just as in 2021. However, there are some opportunities for more extended captions as well. Captions with 2,000 or more characters and captions with 1-20 characters perform well!

It's important to always say something in your captions, as posts without captions tend to receive lower engagement. Videos are especially effective at maintaining high engagement without requiring lengthy captions. However, a large portion of Instagram users have broken this rule. Only 6% of the analyzed accounts posted at least 20 characters of captions. The most common caption length was between 101 and 1,000 characters. So, if you want engagement, keep your captions short or long.

Interactions by Description Length - Admirise

Tips to Make Descriptions More Engaging:

  • Add Some Joy to the Description: Think of the description section as a strawberry on top of a cake. Even if it's not the main attraction, the cake looks more appealing. If you want to use emojis in a way that appeals to your target audience, you can learn how to use them better.
  • Pay Attention to the First: Few Words- The first 125 characters of the description are crucial. Users decide whether to continue reading or not at this point. You should have impressed them with the first 125 characters before they pressed the "More" button. To do this, you can make the opening interactive or save the real secret for the end.
  • Call to Action: Always add a call-to-action message to the description text. You can use a persuasive message to convince the reader. Although your options are not unlimited, there are quite a few. For example, you can ask them to share the post with their friends or leave a comment.
  • Focus on Reality: You should always communicate the truth about your brand's promises. However, you can adjust your tone and language to be platform-specific. You should use a language your target Instagram audience likes to hear.
  • Be Descriptive: You can focus on a specific photo in Instagram captions. You should always have a plan in mind. When implementing this plan, you should appeal to people's imagination. If you are descriptive and detailed, you can impress users.
  • Don't Forget Formatting: Nobody wants to read a text composed entirely of words. If you write a long caption, you should format it. Using emojis is a great option for situations like this. You can try using emojis between sentences.
  • Know Your Target Audience: To get likes, comments, and shares by writing impressive captions, you need to know the people you are targeting. For example, if you know their hobbies, you can attract their attention by mentioning them in captions.

5. Hashtags

It has been an extraordinary year regarding hashtag usage. Some people continue to use strategies that no longer work, causing their content to look like spam. Instagram Creator (A creator's guide to Instagram, by Instagram) recommends using up to 5 hashtags per post. The hashtag data of 2022 shows that short-form videos will be in the foreground. Instagram is trying to make Reels content a part of its strategy to compete with TikTok. That's why short-form videos are becoming increasingly popular. Hashtag usage related to Reels is becoming more prominent. #ReelsTrending, #FunnyVideos, and #FunnyReels are among the top 10 hashtags. It's essential to keep in mind that users are using fewer hashtags. However, we still see content that uses more than 11 hashtags succeeding. If hashtag usage is a part of your strategy, you need to be persistent in using more than 11 hashtags. However, it's not necessary to stick to it for success.

Average Interation Rate, Hashtag Amount - Admirise

Trying to clarify your hashtag strategy can be confusing. If you choose a hashtag that is too popular (e.g., #love), your post will quickly become a spam nest. If you use a particular hashtag, your post may not be seen by anyone. Therefore, you should focus on the volume when selecting hashtags. You should periodically check the hashtag volumes and use a hashtag from each stage. In Particular, you should try to choose hashtags with 10,000-200,000 shares.

If you are interested, you can do hashtag research yourself using the search and explore pages offered by Instagram. You can easily take the first step by examining the type of hashtags used by pages in your niche. If you need something more comprehensive, you can use hashtag creation tools like Mention or benefit from ChatGPT. After writing the topic of your post, you will receive suggestions consisting of relevant tags. Then, you can choose as many hashtags as you want and start using them.

If you want your post to get more attention, you should consider tagging other users. Each account person you tag can help you get more engagement because you will appear on their profile. Also, you should not be interested in spam campaigns. You should only tag people who are relevant to the content. In some cases, you can mention the people you work with. Collaborative work allows you to reach audiences who cannot directly notice you.

Advantages of Marketing on Social Media

Social media marketing is an effective marketing method to promote brands, products, and services, create brand awareness, reach target audiences, and retain loyal customers. Let's briefly look at the advantages of marketing on social media. We can list them as follows:

  • Broad Reach: Social media platforms are used by billions of people worldwide at any given moment. Therefore, social media marketing allows brands to reach large audiences quickly and helps them introduce their products or services to potential customers. For example, according to the 2023 Instagram Engagement Report, 1 billion people use the Instagram app every month on average. Most users spend about two and a half hours on social media platforms like Instagram. These data clearly demonstrate what a great market area social media is for e-commerce businesses.
  • Lower Cost: Social media marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing methods. Therefore, small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses can also market their products without allocating large portions of their budget.
  • Reaching Target Audiences: Social media platforms can reach target audiences based on users' demographic, geographic, and behavioral characteristics. Users' interactions are constantly recorded as data. Social media memory, which has information about users' interests, thoughts, lifestyles, and daily needs, provides great convenience to companies when selecting a target audience. By avoiding advertising products and services to an inappropriate audience, time and cost losses are prevented. Therefore, brands can attract the target audience's attention more quickly by delivering the right message to the right audience.
  • Better Customer Interaction: Social media marketing enables brands to interact better with their customers. Being in direct contact with customers is extremely important for them. Brands can get customer feedback, better understand their needs and problems, and provide solutions by interacting with them.
  • Acquiring Loyal Customers: Social media marketing increases customer brand loyalty. Brands can create loyal customers by offering them special deals and campaigns.
  • Reputation Management: Social media marketing helps brands manage their reputation. Brands can protect their reputation by monitoring negative comments and responding quickly.
  • Competitive Advantage: Social media helps brands gain an advantage, and brands can differentiate themselves from their competitors by using social media campaigns and offers. Whichever company can use social media power better creates a significant difference in their industry.

Methods of Marketing on Social Media - Concept of Social Media - Admirise


The effective use of social media platforms can make a significant difference in revenue and growth for e-commerce businesses. Using these platforms properly, you can showcase your products and services to a broader and build your brand.

An important aspect of using social media platforms is engaging with the target audience. By sharing relevant content, answering questions, and responding to customer feedback, you can build a loyal following and enhance your brand reputation.

Additionally, social media can also serve as a powerful tool for customer acquisition and retention. Through targeted advertising and personalized marketing campaigns, businesses can reach new customers and keep existing ones returning.

To get the most out of social media, as an e-commerce business owner, you should develop a strategic plan that aligns with your marketing and business goals. By consistently creating and sharing high-quality content, engaging with your audience, and monitoring your analytics, you can effectively leverage social media to drive growth and success.