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Chef's Deal

Chef's Deal

The Challenge

Chef's Deal, a well-established company based in the United States, specializes in the sale and servicing of restaurant equipment. However, despite their reputation, they faced a significant challenge - their website was struggling to generate substantial traffic and attract potential customers. They recognized the need to enhance their online visibility and reach a broader audience. Additionally, Chef's Deal had difficulty in measuring their marketing and sales efforts as well as their revenues in a cohesive manner.

The Solution

As a digital agency, we embarked on a two-year journey with Chef's Deal to address these challenges comprehensively. We initiated the transformation by conducting a meticulous analysis of their existing website, identifying areas that required enhancement. Subsequently, we formulated a multifaceted strategy focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to augment their online presence.

In addition to SEO and SEM improvements, we undertook a significant step - migrating Chef's Deal from Magento 1 to Magento 2. This migration involved integrating and updating numerous new attributes and attribute sets, which not only optimized the performance of their Magento-based website but also ensured a more seamless and efficient e-commerce platform.

Furthermore, to address their need for cohesive data and insights, we developed a full integration system that linked their Customer Relationship Management (CRM), inventory management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), sales, and marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as well as their social media campaigns. This integration enabled Chef's Deal to measure their marketing efforts and sales performance alongside their revenues, providing them with a holistic view of their operations.

As part of our comprehensive digital strategy, we also took charge of their social media presence, creating and managing engaging content across various platforms. Our experts employed Facebook Business Manager to design and execute targeted ads that reached their desired audience with precision.

As a testament to our commitment to Chef's Deal, we also designed and launched a new website that not only showcased their extensive range of restaurant equipment but was also fully optimized for search engines and mobile devices, ensuring an enhanced user experience.

Through these efforts, we were able to help Chef's Deal achieve improved online visibility, attract a more extensive customer base, and streamline their business operations. The integration of Facebook Business Manager ads and social media campaigns also significantly enhanced their digital marketing efforts, ultimately contributing to their continued success in the highly competitive restaurant equipment industry.

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